The Red Canyon is a popular attraction of Eilat for lovers of natural wonders. On the map, it is located northwest of the city and close to Timna Park.

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Red Canyon in Eilat: the origin.

The Red Canyon is a small gorge, blurred in sandstone cliffs by a mountain stream millions of years ago. This is indicated by the age of the rocks. The rocks here are painted in amazing colors from burgundy and gold to white and blue, as if from an artist’s palette.

Weather changes, the difference in lighting – and the coloring of the mountains in front of eyes is changing. As if it were not ancient stones, but a huge kaleidoscope. Water, desert sun and wind were not only artists, but also sculptors. Piles of stones and the outlines of individual rocks resemble a variety of figures. For example there is an owl, a huge finger lifted up to the sky, stone profiles with Roman and snub nose. You can look at these natural “sculptures” and admire the play of shades of stone indefinitely. You will get beautiful photos here! No worse than in the famous Jordan’s Petra.

Today, the Red Canyon in Eilat has a depth of about 30 m, its length is 300 m.

Routes of the Red Canyon.

There are two pedestrian routes through the canyon: 2 and 4.5 km. You can read about routes in advance. There is a scheme in the parking lot. Hiking trails are colored by green marks on rocks and stones in the direction of travel. A green strip is framed by two white.

At first the canyon looks like a not too impressive ravine, but it is getting narrower, and the walls are getting higher and higher. The trail goes down. Where the descent is difficult, you will find braces hammered into the rocks and handrails.

The shortest route can be considered complete when you exit to Wadi Shani (the channel of the Shani stream). There is a green stand. If you lag behind or, on the contrary, took the lead – the stand works perfectly as a meeting place for all the participants of the “expedition”.

From here, you can either continue along a longer route, or return the same way. Or climb up and return the upper path, admiring the canyon from a height. If physical capabilities allow – you will have to climb a rather steep path, holding on to the brackets.

You need to go by tags. It will lead to the parking lot, the beginning of your journey.

Red Canyon in Eilat: how to get there.

From Red Canyon to:

  • Tel Aviv – 330 km (route number 40)
  • Jerusalem – 330, 4 (the road is the same).
  • Dead Sea – 216 km.
  • Haifa – 413.5 (road number 40 and the highway Itzhak Rabin, it is the route number 6).
  • Netanya – 359 (all the same route number 40).
  • Border with Egypt – 32.2 (road number 12).
  • Border with Jordan – 36.3 (on the same 12th road).

We offer comfortable excursions to the Red Canyon (Eilat) from any of the mentioned cities of Israel. Independent travel there is best to take from Eilat.

How to get yourself.

There are several options to get Red Canyon from Eilat by:

  1. Bus.
  2. Taxi.
  3. Rented car.
  4. Bicycle.

By bus.

If you intend to get to the Red Canyon by public transport, you need a shuttle bus number 392. On the route Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon it stops at the canyon. It departs from the tahana merkazit (central bus station). Departure time can be found either directly at the station or on the website of the Egged company. Ask the hotel staff or your guide to help you find out your departure time. Do not forget to specify the time of the return bus!


If you are afraid that there are not enough places on the bus for everyone, and you want to get to Eilat quickly and with the greatest comfort, you should take a taxi service. Offices of companies providing these services, you will find right in the airport building.

Taxis work on the counters, and the fare is calculated based on distance, time of day, number of passengers and amount of baggage.

The most common mobile application GetTaxi you will always be sure that you are taken to the place at the cost of the state list. Download the application in Google Play and the App Store.

Rent a car.

Through the online service on our website, it will be possible to rent a car for independent travel.

Car rental services are available in the arrival hall, vehicles are parked outside the terminal. To get a car for rent, you need to present a passport and driver’s license.

But keep in mind that the airport is not a car rental station. That is, to choose here a car of a certain brand and comfort is unlikely to succeed: you need to take what is in stock. If only four wheels that can drive are important to you, and the rest is of little concern – choose a car in the catalog.

On the bike.

Bicycle rental in Eilat is also easy to find, sometimes hotels offer this service. Not far from Eilat airport, in the center, there is a rental point. If you rent a “two-wheeled friend” for a day, you will be delivered to any part of the city. By the way, along with bonuses in the form of a helmet, a bicycle lock and a bottle of water. Renting two bikes at once is cheaper. If you come alone, you can cooperate with someone from other vacationers who want to visit the Red Canyon too.

Hotels nearby.

U Sunrise Club is located 13.6 km from the Red Canyon. This is a good hotel for a family holiday all inclusive.

At 14.4 km is the Rio Express Hotel – very budget, but for families with children and lovers of comfort is not recommended. Reviews about it are very critical. For one or two nights, maybe it will work if there are no better opportunities.

At 15 km you will find Melony Hotel – also inexpensive, but the price matches the quality. Reviews are different: for unpretentious people, the hotel is quite suitable, but do not expect much comfort and service.

In 15.2 km there are as many as three hotels:

  1. Motel Tsabar – the average price segment, travelers respond positively.
  2. Blue Hotel – inexpensive, but, according to the impressions of the guests, nice and cozy.
  3. Motel Aviv – budget, but there are complaints about the service and condition of the rooms.

But it is enough to drive a little further – and in 15.3 km there will be Comfort Hotel Eilat. Prices are moderate, positive reviews.

Red Canyon in Eilat

What to take with you.

Before you go on an exciting excursion to the Red Canyon, prepare:

  • Closed shoes with non-slip treads (better trekking boots).
  • Headdress.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Water. For an adult, it is desirable to take a “one and a half”.
  • Protective cream for exposed skin.

Please keep in mind that there will be no cellular connection in the canyon. If you are not sure of your well-being during the heat and as a result of physical exertion, stock up with necessary medications.

Opening hours.

You can visit the Red Canyon in Eilat any day, 24/7 (but it’s better still in the light of the day!). Enjoy the beauty of ancient rocks can be absolutely free! The best season to visit the canyon begins in October and lasts until April.


The official site of the Red Canyon. Unfortunately English language is unavailable.