Mount Nebo or Mount Moses is a peak in the north of Jordan, west of the city of Madaba.

The sacred place, a deserted corner of the earth, where the story is in the air, you can plunge into the story of the prophet Moses, who found his peace precisely on the slopes of Mount Nebo.

Mount Nebo – as a place of pilgrimage

At the top of Mount Nebo, the Lord indicated to Moses the Promised Land, on which he was never destined to set foot. Believers from many countries come to Jordan with one sole purpose – to see with their own eyes the places that Moses saw before his death. To go where supposedly the prophet was buried.

Since Mount Nebo has a height of over 800 meters, from its observation deck offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. In good weather, you can see the glimmer of the Dead Sea. At the top there is a stationary map on which you can navigate in which direction you can see.

On the slopes of the mountain are the ruins of an ancient church built in the 4th century. Later there was even a small monastery, however, in the 16th century this shrine was abandoned, and returned to its revival only in the last century. Thus, beautiful Byzantine ancient mosaics were discovered, which impress with their execution. The huge stone, which served as the entrance to the monastery, the basilica with the chapel of the Virgin.

Snake Cross.

At the top of the mountain stands a cross made of metal. It is wrapped around a snake. This monument symbolizes the staff of Moses and the snakes healing the sick with one glance! The staff itself is marked in the Old Testament and had the power to push the waters of the Red Sea and extract water from stone.

This sculpture was erected by Italian Giovanni Fantoni. The cross looks impressive against the backdrop of a desolate landscape.

Prophet Moses

The Prophet Moses was born around 530 BC in Egypt. He was raised in the family of Pharaoh. He was born in those times when the Jews in Egypt were enslaved. This all his life oppressed Moses, and once he killed an overseer, for which he was to be condemned and punished, but Moses fled to the land of the Midianites. On these lands, the Lord turned to him from a burning. Commanding Moses to return to Egypt and achieve deliverance from slavery for his people. The Egyptians suffered ten executions before the Israeli people left the land of Egypt.

The most interesting part of the life of the prophet, his wanderings in the desert. A 40-year transition with the Israeli people can be heard when visiting Mount Nebo.

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Attractions Nearby.

From Madaba city to Mount Moses about 8 kilometers. There are no catering establishments along the way, so we recommend that you bring food with you. Paid entrance.

Open hours 7:00 am to 19:00 pm

Also not far from Mount Nebo, just a couple of kilometers away, is the Church of SS Lot & Procopius, which is a pilgrimage site for believers. The mosaic that decorated the floor in this temple can be seen today. On the top of a nearby hill, the ruins of the Church of St. George (536g.) Are preserved.

Mount Nebo ancient church ruins

Mount Nebo in Jordan: how to get there.

Distance to the mountain from popular tourist spots:

  • Madaba — 10 км.

  • Amman — 36 км.

  • Wadi Rum — 216 км.

  • Petra – 230 км.

How to get yourself.

There are several options to get to the top of Mount Nebo if you are relaxing in Jordan.

  • Taxi. Use mobile application of Get Taxi.
  • Rent a Car.

  • Transfers.

  • Excursions groups.

Travelers Reviews.

What do tourists who visit the sacred place say? About different. Someone at the top of the story opened, being in such a significant place helped to overestimate their place on earth. Someone just admired the gorgeous view of the valley at the foot of the mountain, the endless expanses of Jordan, ancient skillful mosaics and sources of Moses.

What exactly will open to you? Unknown. One thing is known – an old place saturated with the spirit of Bible stories will leave an imprint on your heart.

Mount Nebo – What to take with you?

Before you go on an exciting tour, prepare:

  • closed shoes with non-slip protectors (better trekking boots).

  • Headdress.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Water – on an adult it is desirable to take at least half a liter.

  • Protective cream for exposed skin.

Please keep in mind that there may be no cellular connection at the top. If you are not sure of your health during the heat and as a result of physical exertion, stock up with necessary medications.