Eilat is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea). It is the southernmost city of the country and the world famous seaside resort. 88% of the population of the city work in the tourism industry, the city attracts thousands of tourists annually. The beaches, attractions and entertainment of Eilat – a great vacation at the highest level!


The mention of the city appears more than once in the Bible. Together with another settlement – Etzion-Gever. Eilat saw the Jews wandering the sand after the Egyptian Exodus.
In the X century BC the great ruler of the Jewish people, Shlomo (Solomon) built a port “near Eilat” in Etzion-Hevere.

Probably Balkis, the queen of the state of Sheba (most often called the Queen of Sheba), came here to see him. After the King Salomon’s death Etzion-Hever was ravaged and destroyed by invaders from Edom. But later the Judean king Azariah rebuilt the destroyed city and called it Eilat. Name of the second settlement was temporarily forgotten.

Throughout its long history, Eilat changed names several times: the Greeks called it Berenice, the Nabathea – Ayla. After the Arab conquest of the Holy Land, city generally transformed into Aqaba. The Crusaders returned the name “Ayla” to the city, Salah ad-Din turned it into ruins.

Until the middle of the 20th century, until the end of the War of Independence of Israel, Eilat one might say did not exist. Only in 1949, a detachment of self-sacrificing kibbutzniks came here. They founded a small temporary settlement on the coast, called Eilat. For three years, these people, forced to build and work in difficult conditions. Remoteness from civilization, lack of roads, difficulties with simple drinking water, hostile states at hand – have achieved fantastic results. Already in 1952, it was considered a full-fledged settlement – 275 people already lived in it, and in 1953 it became a city.

Today, city is a pride of Israel’s tourism industry.

Best Eilat Beaches

Enjoy Eilat Activities

For active tourists at the resort available the following:

  • Yachting Center.
  • Scuba diving centers.
  • Desert jeep safari organized.
  • Music, intellectual and dance festivals are constantly held.

Hot Tours

Last-minute tours to Israel are in great demand by guests from European countries, thanks to low-cost airlines. Eilat is always ready to meet tourists with sunny weather, a warm light wind, perfectly warmed by the sea.

The land of Israel is rich and diverse in historical and cultural heritage. On vacation, there is a large wariety of different activities what to see, experience and bring with you a gift to loved ones. Be sure to visit Israel the promised land.

Red Sea Hotels

Eilat is a resort city, so there is a real abundance of great places to stay for guests.

Of course, most tourists prefer the all-inclusive system. Here are the Eilat hotels matching this query:

  • Magic Sunrise Club

  • U Coral Beach Club
  • Club Inn

  • U Suites

  • Leonardo Chain — Privilege, Club и Plaza

  • Coral и Nirvana (Astral Chain)

  • Dan

  • Lagoona, Sport Club и Princess (Isrotel Chain)

  • City Apartments

  • Be Club и Be Uniqe.

Rich choice of amazing Beaches

Panorama of Eilat. Princess Beach

The beaches of Eilat stretch for almost 12 kilometers on the Red Sea coast, along the Gulf of Aqaba – the main tourist treasure and Attractions. How many are there? More than two dozen! It is worth coming here to “test” at least a few of them: everyone is good in his own way. You can swim all year round: the peculiarity of the Gulf of Aqaba is a constant water temperature: always 21-23° C. In winter, it is comfortable for all guests born not in the hot Israeli climate, and in summer such water has a refreshing effect.

Traditionally, the beaches of Eilat are divided into the north, located from the border with Jordan to the Mall Hayam, and those on the south coast. There, the coastline rises to Egypt at a steep, almost straight angle.

What is the difference between one and the other and which one to give preference? Please note that in the north and in the south there are both public beaches and the best hotels in Eilat with their own beaches. Both there are pebble and sand.

Must Visit in Eilat!

  • Kings City Park is a grand amusement park dedicated entirely to biblical themes. It was opened in 2005 by Lev Avnerovich Levaev, a billionaire owner of his own diamond polishing company, owner of Africa-Israel and a famous philanthropist. An entrepreneur spent $ 40 million on this super attraction – and you can understand it. Kings City brings a lot of joy to children. Levaev is a father of nine children himself! Huge majestic building is stylized as an ancient palace, there are no windows in it (so that the optical illusions look as impressive as possible). The area of Israeli Kings City is 3,700 square meters, and all locations are located on three levels.Every day the park can receive about 4.5 thousand visitors – it does not suffer from a lack of guests. This is an amazing place for a family holiday. Not only entertaining, but also informative. Both children and adults eagerly make an interesting journey into the past of the Holy Land.
  • The Botanical Garden is a beautiful oasis grown by enthusiasts in the middle of the desert. Not a single plant got here in adulthood – each is grown from a tiny seedling without the use of chemical fertilizers! You will see the Abraham tree, tamarind, sycamore, carissa, Cuban almonds, cherry from Panama and sacred ficus from India. The garden has an excellent playground: swings, wooden cars, a trampoline. Benches are set along the entire garden for guests to relax.

Kings City
  • Dolphin Reef is a place where you will contact with smart and funny marine life in an “informal setting”. Here dolphins live in a natural habitat, and you can come to visit them!!!

  • Texas Ranch or Ir Hrat Sratim (Cinematic Town) is a former scenery for the shooting of a Western, turned into a landmark. Feel yourself in the Wild West.

  • Underwater Observatory locates in 6 kilometers from center. It is the most amazing attraction in these places. Directly from the sea rises a white tower, similar to a lighthouse, with the flag of Israel on top. But lighthouses usually stand on the shore! Right! This is not what it seems, but a unique underwater observatory in Eilat. The Center for Scientific Research is an interesting tourist site, extremely popular with visitors to the city. A peculiar “treasure island of the Red Sea”. Here you can see them without going under the water on their own, because not all of them can do it! And what about children who also want to see the underwater world? Here you can see all his wonders, being in complete safety.
  • Wise Observatory is located in the Arava Valley, a cognitive astronomical attraction. Here experts will teach you how to handle a telescope, special binoculars and a green laser to admire our “stellar” neighbors in the universe.

  • Timna and King Solomon’s Mines is an unforgettable journey to the Timna Valley, an archaeological park and nature reserve. You will see here ancient copper mines and workshops. As well as natural wonders created from sandstone: “mushrooms”, arches and the so-called Solomon pillars.

  • The Red Canyon is a small gorge, blurred in sandstone cliffs by a mountain stream millions of years ago. This is indicated by the age of the rocks. The rocks here are painted in amazing colors from burgundy and gold to white and blue, as if from an artist’s palette.

  • Hai-Bar – a biblical nature and animal reserve (35 km from city center).

Timna Park Half Day

Land attractions

In the distance from the sea you will not get bored either. Here you will find:

Extreme parks

  • Top 94 – climbing wall, snapling, cable park, paintball, shooting range with real live ammunition.
  • Run Out — a quest room where you can choose to escape from the famous Alcatraz prison or fight the witch’s curse.

Ice Palace

  • The Yam Suf tower is the coolest place in Eilat – Ice Palace, where you have to wear winter clothes! Here you can drink ice drinks from glasses made of ice. To see a huge sculpture made of ice – a polar bear 2.5 meters tall. Climb into the cave, as if to visit the Snow Queen and ride a slippery hill.
  • Huge ice rink at Red Sea Ice Mall.

«Singing Fountains»

  • Near the IMAX 3D cinema, you can watch unique show “Singing Fountains” three times a week (Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday) and three times a night. Suitable for lovers of different music, as the program includes classical works, jazz, and Israeli folk music.


  • Eilat Historical Museum on Derech Yotam Street. The museum will appeal to everyone who is interested in the past of this wonderful place. You can safely take children with you – there are no boring dusty expositions, everything is very dynamic and is designed for young visitors as well. Here you will find moving models, life-size puppets and a shell exhibition. And also a trip in a special “historical” bus. The museum is open whole week.

Parks and Farms

  • Crocodile farm on the road to Eilat. Are you expecting 2000 crocodiles at once – from huge to tiny kids? The owners of the farm are the Cobe family. Orit and Ophir are real specialists in breeding these reptiles, they really love them and dream of keeping their livestock in the wild. The farm has a special incubator for hatching crocodile eggs, the owners will gladly tell all about their pets and show them, the children are usually delighted with this excursion.
  • Ornithological Park – an amazing variety of species of birds, but it is desirable to visit it during the periods of September-November and February-May. During this period, one can observe the bird kingdom in all its splendor. Go to the checkpoint on the border with Jordan, then turn onto the dirt road. The visit is free.

  • In Beit Hashita in the north, you can visit the cozy green zone – the city park Fradkin. A wide variety of attractions for children are placed here. For adults it is allowed to have picnics on the lawns. If you are tired of stormy entertainment, this is a great option.

  • On the border with Jordan – unique desalinated lakes, where a flock of amazing birds – beautiful white flamingos – constantly lives. It is advisable to bring binoculars with you.

  • At the northern entrance to the city, near the Rabin terminal, there is a very “fragrant” place. Farm Spice Shop. In the “Spicy Way” you can buy all kinds of fragrant things: rare and even exotic spices and spices, flavored teas and tinctures, souvenirs and dishes.
  • Camel Farm in Derech Metzraim. Here you can have a great time with children and ride camels or donkeys. Excursions can be ordered online on our website.
Kayaking on the Red Sea in Eilat

Sea entertainments

Eilat Beaches provide all possibilities for outdoor activities:

  • Snorkeling.

  • Diving.

  • Yachting.

  • Surfing.

  • Boat trips and excursions on various types of ships and yachts on the Red Sea.

Top 10 Best Eilat Restaurants

Top 10 best restaurants

Eilat is a resort city where most of the time is spent on exciting walks and daily tours. After end of activity everyone wants to eat something tasty in a cozy place.


1.Pedro Restaurant

2. Fifth Avenue Restaurant
3. Restaurant Vnale.

4. Restaurant Pago Pago.

5. Restaurant Ginger.

6. Little Brazil

7. Eddie’s Hide-A-Way

8. Barbis Dinner and Bar

9. Only Dagim

10. Olla


Fans of foamy drink should visit the brewery on the Red Sea. All drinks here are craft, visitors to the bar and restaurant at Soof Brewery can watch through the transparent wall as they cook ale, lager, porter and classic beer. There is a wonderful selection of snacks This wonderful place is located on Ha-Orim Street, Building 2.

Read more in our article. We will offer you the top 10 best restaurants in Eilat, where you can relax at the end of the day.

How to get to Eilat

The city included three airports that accepted international and local flights.

  • Eilat airport – located in the city center, near highway number 90 (Arava highway). Closed!

  • Ovda – 59 km to Eilat. Closed!

  • Ramon is a new airport located in the Timna Valley, 20 km from the city to the north.

Rent a Car in Israel

Popular destinations from Eilat

When you finish you vacation in Eilat, you can continue your journey through the Holy Land. There are so many interesting attractions are waiting for you! Israel is a small country, and from Eilat to:

  • Tel Aviv — 351 km.

  • Jerusalem — 313,7 km.

  • Dead Sea (Ein Bokek) — 228 km.

  • Haifa — 427 km.

  • Netanya — 372 km.

  • Aqaba (Jordan border) — 15 km.

Transfers from/to Eilat.

Transfer from/to Type Departure Arrival *Price
Eilat – Ben Gurion airport Shuttle EilatBen Gurion airport$35.00
Eilat – Dead Sea Shuttle EilatEin Bokek$25.00
Eilat – Masada Shuttle EilatMasada$30.00
Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon Shuttle EilatMitzpe Ramon$25.00
Eilat – Ramon airport Shuttle EilatRamon airport$4.50
Eilat – Jerusalem Shuttle EilatJerusalem$35.00
Eilat – Tel Aviv Shuttle EilatTel Aviv$35.00
Eilat – Taba Border Shuttle EilatTaba Border$10.00
Eilat – Cairo Shuttle EilatCairo$90.00
Eilat – Petra Shuttle EilatPetra$65.00
Eilat – Arava border (Israel side) Shuttle EilatArava border $10.00
Eilat – Aqaba Shuttle EilatAqaba $30.00
Ramon Airport – EilatPrivate up to 3 passangers Ramon
Eilat – Ben Gurion AirportPrivate up to 7 passangers EilatBen Gurion Airport$560.00

Popular day activities.

Transfers from Eilat.

Transfer from/to Type Departure Arrival *Price
Eilat – Ben Gurion airport Shuttle Eilat Ben Gurion airport $35.00
Eilat – Dead Sea Shuttle Eilat Ein Bokek $25.00
Eilat – Масада Shuttle Eilat Masada $30.00
Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon Shuttle Eilat Mitzpe Ramon $25.00
Eilat – Ramon airport Shuttle Eilat Ramon airport $4.50
Eilat – Jerusalem Shuttle Eilat Jerusalem $35.00
Eilat –  Tel Aviv Shuttle Eilat Tel Aviv $35.00
Eilat – Taba Border Shuttle Eilat Taba Border $10.00
Eilat – Cairo Shuttle Eilat Cairo $90.00
Eilat – Petra Shuttle Eilat Petra $65.00
Eilat -Arava border (Israel side) Shuttle Eilat Arava Border $10.00
Eilat – Aqaba Shuttle Eilat Aqaba $30.00
Ramon Airport – Eilat Private up to 3 passangers Ramon Eilat $40.00
Eilat – Ben Gurion Airport Private up to 7 passangers Eilat Ben Gurion airport $560.00

* The cost of a group transfer is per person in one direction.

** The cost of an individual transfer is for a car (1-3 people) in one direction.

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The weather here is absolutely amazing. It is a city of endless summer, winter is mild due to the desert climate. This is a unique nature reserve, where the air is always fresh, and the water is clear and inhabited by marine life, which indicates its ecological purity.

It rains an average of one week a year.


The best time to travel to Eilat is March-April. If rainy days fall out, then no more than one or two, the air temperature is comfortable + 26-31° С. In the evenings, a pleasant coolness descends over the city. The sun warms gently.


For connoisseurs of really hot weather, and among tourists from countries with colder climates such are found, summer is the best time. The sun literally fries, daytime temperatures start at +38° C. In the evenings, the heat drops significantly. Then the resort rages diverse nightlife.


Autumn is like a vacationer more than summer. The sun is bright, but not so fierce. Nevertheless, sunbathing lovers are advised to use sunscreen. In October and November – weather is amazing. But if you are a fan of evening and night entertainment, warm things may already be needed, the temperature at this time of day may drop to +18° C.


At noon, the air warms up quite well, the temperature reaches + 20-22° C, many people rest on the beaches, many are bathing: after all, water in December is + 25° C!

January-February “cool the sea” a little – one or two degrees. The weather is clear, but little rain is possible. The sea is amazingly calm. This is naturally due to the fact that desert northerly winds prevent the appearance of waves.

Tour packages to Eilat

Eilat Airport

The new civil airport Ramon, is named in honor of the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon and his son Asaf, the Israeli Air Force pilot.

Ramon Airport

Ovda Airport

Airport Ovda is located 60 km from Eilat. Currently it’s closed!

Eilat Ovda Airport

Eilat Attractions

Best images.