Kings City in Eilat

Kings City Park in Eilat is a grand amusement park dedicated entirely to biblical themes. It was opened in 2005 by Lev Avnerovich Levaev, a billionaire owner of his own diamond polishing company, owner of Africa-Israel and a famous philanthropist.

An entrepreneur spent $40 million on this super attraction – and you can understand it. Kings City in Eilat brings a lot of joy to children. Levaev – the father of nine children himself!

The huge majestic building is stylized as an ancient palace, there are no windows in it (so that the optical illusions look as impressive as possible). The area of Israeli Kings City is 3,700 square meters, and all locations are located on three levels.

Every day the park can receive about 4.5 thousand visitors – it does not suffer from a lack of guests. This is an amazing place for a family holiday. Not only entertaining, but also informative. Both children and adults eagerly make an interesting journey into the past of the Holy Land.

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What awaits inside?

Inside, the “old palace” is divided into five zones – and each has its own entertainment.

Zones of the Kings City in Eilat and what awaits you in each:

  1. Journey to the depths of the ages. Optical “flight” over the palaces of the Egyptian pharaohs thanks to a huge four-dimensional model created with the help of panoramic screens.

  2. The cave of biblical times is cut down in real rock and extends for 360 m. You can get into it by elevator. Here you will see expositions on biblical themes – beautiful and sometimes eerie. There are a lot of scary scenes in the Book of Books! Artificial people and live deer!

  3. Solomon Falls is an educational journey through the pages of the life of the great king of Israel. You travel in a boat among a variety of robots depicting people and animals, accompanied by amazing visual and sound effects “on the subject” of the stories you heard from the king’s life. Does the attraction seem too calm? At the very end of the “Mariners” awaits a high hill, leading into a large artificial lake!

  4. Hill “David Spiral” – twenty-meter, transparent, roll down at a speed of 14 m / s! Toboggans are used for descent – sleds without runners. The descent from the hills leads to an extremely interesting place – a cave where you can gain wisdom!

  5. The cave of illusions and wisdom brings to mind the image of the wise King of Israel, Shlomo (Solomon). There are 70 interactive attractions: an incredible confusion of labyrinths, amusing halls of curved mirrors, optical devices with a holographic effect, various tests for guests and other interesting surprises.

In the scheme of Kings City, you can see that visitors inside it move in a semicircle.

It will take about 3 hours to get around all the wonders.


Here the needs of the guests are taken into account, and the territory includes:

  • Food court – 6 points, a choice of Arabic, Italian, American, Thai fast food.

  • Cafe known network “ArtCafe”, where you can eat more seriously.

  • Photoshop.

  • Souvenir shops.

Kings City

Hotels near Kings City in Eilat.

The majestic “palace” is located in the Hotel Zone, and you have a large selection. Pay attention to these top five hotels with good reviews from guests:

  • Dan Eilat.

  • Herods Palace.

  • Isrotel Royal Garden.

  • Vista Eilat Hotel.

  • Isrotel Lagoona.

Attractions nearby.

Kings City in Eilat is great, but if you want to visit other places of interest, pay attention to:

  • Coral Beach Nature Reserve.

  • Eilat pier.

  • Eilat Museum and Art Gallery.

  • Dolphin Reef.

  • Green and Princess Beaches.

Opening hours.

  • Sunday — Thursday:  09:00 AM till 01:00 AM.

  • Friday, pre-holiday days – close one hour before the start of the Shabbat.

  • Saturday, public holidays – opening an hour after the end of the Shabbat.

Be careful – closing cash desks 3 hours before the park closes (the last groups set off on a tour of Kings City). Come later – tickets are no longer to buy.

Kings City website  –

The cost of attendance – 125 ILS.

How to get yourself?

You need to get to the eastern part of the city, in the area of hotels on the embankment. Your landmarks: New Lagoon and New Marina lagoons, Hayam and Kampen streets – between them, behind the Dan Eilat hotel, you will find what you are looking for.