Formerly, for tourists from all over the world, Hamei Gaash was just an unknown point on the map of Israel.
Now from a small place for the rest of the locals, it has grown into a health complex of European level.

Hamei Gaash – Paradise place on Earth.

People often come here for one day – and stay for three days. Here you can spend the whole weekend, living in cozy small houses and walking all day in a soft terry robe. Nowhere it is so relaxed from the bustle of the city like here.

When you leave your car in the parking lot and enter the beautiful wooden gates of Hamei Gaash, you might think that this is how the entrance to paradise should look like: a green park, perfect cleanliness, contented people.

You can get a bathrobe and slippers for rent – or you can buy in a small shop located on the territory of the complex.
the shop sells only Israeli-made goods and offers everything you might need here: swimsuits and other bathing accessories, as well as natural cosmetics.

The secret of the success of kibbutz Gaash.

The recreation center was established by the efforts of the residents of the kibbutz Hamei Gaash (Israeli agricultural community). It appeared in the distant 1950s and it is named in honour to the mountain mentioned in the Bible where Joshua is buried. Hamei means hot, and Gaash means a storm, a volcano, a geyser.

Modern kibbutzim is “advanced” villages. The architecture and layout of the houses resemble hotel complexes with a public area in the center, one-two-storey residential houses, immersed in greenery and flowers.

Each kibbutz is unique and earns its existence as it can. So it was before, but now high technologies are used: somewhere they created a unique botanical garden, and somewhere they put on an industrial basis the production of the most comfortable orthopedic shoes, originating from self-made working sandals.

The fate of the kibbutz Gaash itself helped to find its profitable business. In the 1980’s there was a search for oil. No oil was found, but they discovered hot springs, saturated with mineral salts and very healthy!

When water is more valuable than oil.

Warm mineral pools of Hamei Gaash are wildly popular not only among elderly people who are tormented by rheumatism. Health and vitality everyone wants!

Water temperature in the pools is 36° C and 40° C, it is saturated with all the useful mineral part of the periodic table. In one of the pools constantly poured numerous thermal jets. There is also a separate hydro-massage center with sulfuric water. You just need to get used to its specific flavor. there are also dry and wet saunas. If you like exclusively swimming in the open air – at your service is a huge swimming pool, and for your children – a “splash pool”.

No any contraindications to visiting these pools. In such water, it is worth to spend no more than 10-15 minutes, depending on how you feel, and again to climb into the water – after some break.

You may not be allowed into the pool only in the following cases:

  • You are pregnant.
  • For some reason you appeared to bathe in a public place with open and festering wounds on the body.
  • You are taking a course of strong antibiotics.

Of course, for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, prior consultation with a doctor is required. And before some procedures, local doctors will ask you to fill a questionnaire about your state of health!

Useful tips.

Wear a bathing cap. it will save weak, brittle and dyed hair.
And jewelry, on the contrary, pull off. Not only because they are easy to lose in the pool. Under the influence of local mineral waters, they can fade.

What awaits on land.

The well-equipped spa center, in which 14 rooms, will provide various types of Swedish and Thai massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, acupuncture, mud wraps, peeling, shiatsu and slats – choose to your taste.

Lunch on schedule!

Bathing and wellness procedures are a long time, besides, you came from far away and probably already had time to get hungry? It is not forbidden to come here with your food – but why, if you have the opportunity to have a quick snack in Hamey Gaash and have a normal dinner?

For a light snack – dairy cafe “Nostalgia” with the freshest pastries. If you do not like dairy products, do not worry: coffee is also in stock!

For a more dense meal – meat restaurant. A salad and two different meat dishes with a side dish will definitely not be left hungry. The restaurant is kosher, and do not think that kosher meat is tasteless, on the contrary. This is a great option for a healthy diet: animals that go to such meat are necessarily healthy and in no case have died a natural death. Fat, veins, soy, synthetic additives in kosher products are absent as a class. Meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products are always prepared in different dishes, which is the most hygienic, and the methods of slaughtering cattle on kashrut do not imply adrenaline rush in animals, which makes the meat tastier and healthier.

Hamei Gaash online. Official website

Organized Rest Day in Hamei Gaash

Group day tour to Hamei Gaash on Saturdays from the cities of the center of Israel: Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Netanya

Private transfer from the center of Israel and Jerusalem upon request.

How to get Hamei Gaash yourself

By car from Highway 2, turn in the direction of Kibbutz Gaash, on the square at the entrance to the kibbutz – on the right, follow the signs. Travel from Tel Aviv – only 15-20 minutes.

Tel Aviv public transport:

  • From the bus station by the bus company “Metropolin” (bus number 601).
  • By public minibus- then you have to ask the driver if she is going where you need to go.

Hamei Gaash, opening hours:

  • Sunday: from 10.00 to 18.00.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: from 10.00 to 23.00.
  • Thursday: from 10.00 to 18.00.
  • Friday: from 10.00 to 16.00.
  • Saturday: from 10.00 to 18.00.

Hamei Gaash phone number for contacts: 09-9539404.