Timna Park

Timna Park in Eilat: a desert tale Eilat one of the most popular resort cities of Israel. Eilat is famous by it's location on Red Sea. In addition to numerous water attractions there are a lot of Must Visit sights. One of them definitely is Timna Park. National Park Timna located just 25 km from [...]
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Red Canyon

The Red Canyon is a popular attraction of Eilat for lovers of natural wonders. On the map, it is located northwest of the city and close to Timna Park. FotoVideoMapActivitiesFotoVideo MapActivities Featured 10$ Book Now Petra from Eilat 1 Day Group Tour Petra, Jordan 190$ 180$ Featured 17% Book Now Mount Sinai Sunrise Tour Monasterio [...]
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On July 7, 2002, the ancient city Petra in Jordan was officially designated as a wonder of the world. Search for "New Wonders of the World" was engaged in the organization of the New Open World Corporation in Zurich. The whole world voted for "New Wonders" using the phone, the Internet and SMS. All the [...]
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Golan Heights

Golan Heights: Controversial Land On the map of Israel, the Golan Heights (Ramat ha-Golan) is a narrow strip bounded by Lake Kinneret in the west and the Yarmuk River in the southeast. This is a volcanic plateau, Israel owns 1,150 square km with a length of 60 km and an average width of 25 km. [...]
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National Park Masada

National Park Masada - located in the Judean Desert not far from the shores of the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Here was a great tragedy of antiquity. According to legend, 960 people committed suicide, but did not surrender, and did not become slaves of the Romans. Masada - the greatest drama of [...]
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