Ein Gedi – Israel National Park

Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea - the famous reserve and national park of Israel. The unique location - in the Judean desert. Washed away from the West by the Dead Sea, gave the reserve an unsurpassed atmosphere. FotoVideoMapActivitiesFotoVideo MapActivities Featured 10$ Book Now Petra from Eilat 1 Day Group Tour Petra, Jordan 190$ 180$ [...]
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Hamat Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias: Not Just a Resort. There are many resorts in the world, including those with hot springs. But Hamat Tiberias (Israel) is a very special place. On the map you can easily find it: any tourist or pilgrim who wants to visit Israel, first of all finds the Kinneret on the map, other names [...]
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Hamei Gaash

Formerly, for tourists from all over the world, Hamei Gaash was just an unknown point on the map of Israel. Now from a small place for the rest of the locals, it has grown into a health complex of European level. FotoVideoMapDaily tourFotoVideo MapDaily tour Featured Petra from Eilat 1 Day Group Tour from 190$ [...]
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Hamat Gader

Modern elegant, equipped with all the benefits of civilization, the popular recreation complex Hamat Gader is like a result of the past millennia: the resting place can also evolve! The name is associated with the presence of five hot springs with healing properties due to the high concentration of mineral salts. Content Gift from the [...]
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