Kings City Eilat

Kings City in Eilat Kings City Park in Eilat is a grand amusement park dedicated entirely to biblical themes. It was opened in 2005 by Lev Avnerovich Levaev, a billionaire owner of his own diamond polishing company, owner of Africa-Israel and a famous philanthropist. An entrepreneur spent $ 40 million on this super attraction - [...]
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Red Canyon

The Red Canyon is a popular attraction of Eilat for lovers of natural wonders. On the map, it is located northwest of the city and close to Timna Park. FotoVideoMapActivitiesFotoVideo MapActivities Featured Book Now Petra from Eilat 1 Day Group Tour Petra, Jordan 190$ Featured Book Now Mount Sinai Sunrise Tour Monasterio de Santa Catalina [...]
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Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Underwater Observatory in Eilat. Living treasures of the Red Sea. Underwater Observatory in Eilat locates in 6 kilometers from center. It is the most amazing attraction in these places. Directly from the sea rises a white tower, similar to a lighthouse, with the flag of Israel on top. But lighthouses usually stand on the shore! [...]
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Hamat Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias: Not Just a Resort. There are many resorts in the world, including those with hot springs. But Hamat Tiberias (Israel) is a very special place. On the map you can easily find it: any tourist or pilgrim who wants to visit Israel, first of all finds the Kinneret on the map, other names [...]
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