Jordan River

Jordan River There is no more popular river among Christians around the world than the Jordan River in Israel. The only one common that can be found in a Christian of the I, XI and XXI centuries is the desire to wash away his sins in sacred water. Believers of all faiths merge into one [...]
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Ein Gedi – Israel National Park

Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea - the famous reserve and national park of Israel. The unique location - in the Judean desert. Washed away from the West by the Dead Sea, gave the reserve an unsurpassed atmosphere. FotoVideoMapActivitiesFotoVideo MapActivities Featured 10$ Book Now Petra from Eilat 1 Day Group Tour Petra, Jordan 190$ 180$ [...]
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Judean Desert

Judean Desert in Holy Land Judean Desert on the map  is a narrow flap stretching along the western coast of the Dead Sea. On the view from a very great height, it resembles a huge half-erased page of an ancient manuscript, once written by a non-human hand. In this small and now truly desert kingdom [...]
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National Park Masada

National Park Masada - located in the Judean Desert not far from the shores of the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Here was a great tragedy of antiquity. According to legend, 960 people committed suicide, but did not surrender, and did not become slaves of the Romans. Masada - the greatest drama of [...]
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