Many people are interested in what kind of city is Capernaum and what it is famous for. Capernaum is one of the most revered archaeological sites located on the northwestern shore of Sea of Galilee in Israel. The entire believing population of the Earth considers this ancient city – the city of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, it was established that Capernaum arose during the time of Jesus. According to archaeological excavations, the city was built in the first century AD. Therefore, to our time it has come only partially preserved. However, this fact does not diminish interest in Capernaum, because a huge number of Christian shrines are concentrated on its lands.

Capernaum – Gospel Events.

As already mentioned, the foundation of the city occurred more than 2000 years ago. In the first years of our era, it reached its highest peak, due to its geographical location. Multiple trade routes from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to Syrian Damascus passed through Capernaum. At these times, Capernaum was a small fishing village.

The New Testament describes the events of how Jesus Christ came to the city of Capernaum. The Son of God arrived to the city of Israel after the Marriage at Cana, not alone, but with his mother and brothers. According to the legends of the gospel in this Israeli city, Jesus Christ carried out his main enlightening religious activities. During which he found his closest students. In the future named by the apostles: Andrew, Peter, the sons of Zebedee – James, Levi Matvey, John. After the crucifixion of Jesus, a Jewish community of Christians was formed in Capernaum. In the III century by common efforts built a church, which became a reliable defense of the Christian faith in the east.

Healing the paralytic at Capernaum.

The New Testament tells of one of the miracles Jesus performed when he was in Capernaum. Once, during the time Christ taught in one of the houses, four people came to him and brought with them a bed on which lay a patient with paralysis. Jesus, watching how the people gathered in the house believe in him, uttered only one phrase in his address to the patient: “Get up, take up your bed and go home, child!”. And the sick man got up, grabbed the bed on which his comrades brought him. And then he went to his house, thanks to the glory of Christ. And everyone in the house began to wonder at the divine power of Jesus, to glorify the Lord God for healing the sick.

Current state of Capernaum.

Currently, Capernaum is a national park in the system of historically significant objects of the State of Israel. Despite the fact that even in the middle of the 19th century, the ruins of a white synagogue were found here. Archaeologists began their work in Capernaum only in the first decade of the last century.

It is known for certain that the discovered remains of the Synagogue date back to the 3rd-4th centuries AD. Therefore, scientists suggest that it was built just by the forces of the first Christian community of Jews. However, the foundation on which the synagogue is based belongs to an earlier structure. Perhaps it was a synagogue in which Jesus Christ himself taught. The territory adjacent to the remains of the White Synagogue, now belongs to the Catholic monastic order of Francis of Assisi.

On the territory of the national park is a church built in the first quarter of the 20th century. Monastery of 12 Apostles
is located in Capernaum, stands out strikingly against the background of a monotonous landscape. It was built in the traditional Greek style in the form of cubes and hemispherical domes of brick pink color.

However, in the territory adjacent to the temple you will not find stone ruins. It resembles a half-launched patriarchal estate. In which you can find a beautiful orchard with peacocks, geese and roosters, dogs, and a vineyard. The whole monastic territory is kept in order by the only monk of the Temple in Capernaum, brother Irinarch.

From the northern shore of Lake Galilee, which is located 200 meters below sea level, offers stunning views of the Golan. If you face the lake in Capernaum, then the Golan Heights will be in the east.

Travel to Capernaum on your own by car.

If you have a personal vehicle, or you plan to rent a car during your stay in Israel. Pay attention on how to get to Capernaum. The road to the national park leads north along highway 90. You need to get to the intersection with the sign “Kfar Nakhum”. But in order to definitely not get lost, carefully study the location of Capernaum on the map of Israel.

Capernaum National Park has free car parking. Therefore, the car can be left under supervision. And take a walk and enjoy the beautiful views. Here you can have a bite to eat at a functioning cafe or purchase a small selection of snack foods at a local store or buy souvenirs in the shop.

Entering fee to the territory is only 30 shekels. Despite the fact that the national park operates year-round, its opening hours vary depending on the seasons of the year.

Capernaum (Israel) is a real find not only for worshipers of the Christian faith, but also for those who are interested in history and archaeology. Here you can live to see household items dated to the 1st century AD. Stunning panoramic views of the lake and majestic mountains will help to relax from the bustle of the city.

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Travel and tourist routes.

The place where the Sea of Galilee is located played a large role in the life of Jesus and often mentioned in biblical texts. Pilgrims and ordinary tourists do not pass it by. In addition to historical attractions, these places fascinate with their natural beauties.

Main historical sights.

Tiberias city.

Tiberias city – holy Jewish city on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Burials of the great Torah masters – Rabbi Akiva and Maimonind are located. You can personally see Jewish shrines on the ruins of an ancient synagogue. It is famous not only for its historical heritage. But also as a monument of architecture with skillfully laid out mosaics.


Yardenit is the area where the Jordan River emerges from the Sea of ​​Galilee. This site is considered religiously significant for Christians. On the shore of these waters, a symbolic rite of baptism is held for all believers. Baptism is carried out as follows, it is necessary to immerse yourself under water with your head three times, cross oneself before each immersion.

A whole complex has been built in Yardenit, where you can not only hold a sacred rite, but also just spend time and relax. This place is very picturesque, the waters of the river are emerald in color, thanks to silt. Shores are surrounded by dense vegetation. Yardenit is not the baptismal site of Jesus. The real place of his Baptism is located much further than Lake Galilee, on the map closer to the Dead Sea.

Yardenit – official site.

Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee is the pearl of the northern district of Israel. On the coast of which Jesus Christ began to preach. Here Son of Lord found many of his students and worked miracles. Numerous Christian Holy Places are located here. On the shores of Sea of Galilee there is the Tiberias city.


Not far from Capernaum is another historic attraction. Tabgha is the place where Christ performed his miracles. Here the Church of the Multiplication of bread and fish was built. The architecture of which is striking in its beauty. Although church was built in the 18th century, an ancient mosaic decorating the temple is still preserved here.

Capernaum Pier of the Sea of Galilee

Must See Attractions:

  1. Church of the Apostles.
  2. Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter.
  3. Church of the Multiplication.
  4. Yardenit.

Working hours:

  • From the beginning of April to the end of September, Capernaum receives guests from 8:00 to 17:00.
  • From the beginning of October to the end of March from 8:00 to 16:00.
  • The park is open daily, including weekends.
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it works only until 15:00.
  • Please note that is allowed to enter the park no later than an hour before the end of the working day.

Entrance Fee – 5 nis per person.