Camel Ranch Eilat

Camel Ranch appeared near Eilat more than twenty years ago. It was built by father and son. Since then, the ranch has been growing, developing and attracting more and more visitors. This is a real oasis in the desert, where you not only get to know the noble camels, but you can go on excursions and attend various events.

The farm will give you impressions that you will remember for a lifetime.

The Camel Ranch is an amazing place, unique in its kind. There are about forty animals on which you can make trips and travels.

This type of recreation is exciting and informative for both children and adults.

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Events and activities at the Camel Ranch.

At the ranch you are offered a wide selection of various activities and entertainment. It includse various excursions, trips and much more.

You can take part in a camel safari to the very depths of the desert.

Choose to move during a safari – jeeps, ATVs, bicycles or small special tractors.

And one of the new products is the extreme rope park. It is very difficult to complete. But it’s also very interesting.

There is a special platform for mountaineering.

Children will find much to their liking. The choice of activities for every taste is presented.

A varied and tasty treat for guests, generously offered by ranchers, will be a pleasant addition to the entertainment program.

Camel Safari in Eilat

Camel Ranch Daily Tours

Imagine a wonderful silence, clean air and a panoramic view, spreading in front of you to the edge of the horizon. Now imagine that all this opens when you ride on the back of the camels, moving forward gently and silently, climbing up the mountains.

The first camel rides on the ranch took place in 1987. Unlike the Bedouins and other farmers who prefer camels, the farm decided to ride a female camel.

This decision was made due to the fact that they are more slender, quiet, smart, disciplined and much more sociable.

Camels are tame and friendly. No pre-training for camel riding training is needed. Even if you have never ridden an animal, you can easily try it right away. The camel is steady and slow. The saddles on which you will ride are selected individually.

At the camel farm in Eilat, you can choose different routes:

Four main routes are offered:

  1. Hiking trails accompanied by an experienced guide
  2. Traveling for an hour and a half riding a camel. Regularity – several times a day. Trips include lunch or dinner in a Bedouin tent. Perfect for relaxing with the whole family.
  3. Walk for 2 hours with a romantic dinner. Evening tour option. For lovers: a sunset at the canyons.
  4. Half day tourist group trip on a camel caravan. Includes lunch or dinner in a Bedouin tent.
Rope Park in Eilat

Rope park.

On a camel farm recently opened an extreme rope park equipped at the European level. It is the largest among similar in Israel.

3 tracks of different difficulty levels were laid here.

The Rope park at the Camel Ranch in Eilat invites you to the country’s only adrenaline trail. About 700 meters of action on three difficulty levels: swings, climbing nets, suspension bridges, ropes, and even bicycles on ropes.

The park was created with modern equipment and gear. The evening attraction in the heart of the Eilat Nature Reserve is amazing, exciting and fun.

So that everyone could have a good time, the park was divided into different levels according to complexity and experience.

Each difficulty level is marked by its color.

  • The light green track is suitable for children and families.
  • Red is more difficult, with a more interesting route.
  • At the end of the track – free fall with equipment from a 50-foot tower.

We invite everyone to visit Camel Ranch. Embark on an amazing journey riding an unusual animal through the majestic desert. The ranch offers a wide range of desert experiences for the whole family, for young couples and for children.

Camel Ranch is the perfect place for genuine hospitality. From camel walks and donkey carriages to exciting and extreme fun in the rope park.

Useful information

Opening hours:

  • Daily: 09.00 to 16.00.