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Timna Park Half Day Tour From Eilat

Timna Valley, ד.נ חבל איילות 88820, Gan HaDarom, Israel
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Timna Park Half Day Tour from Eilat

Overview of the gorge in the mountains of the Negev desert. Explore the oldest copper mines in the world. A stunning desert reserve with breathtaking scenery, protected natural space, admiring its towering sandstone cliffs, including King Soloman’s Pillars. Timna Park Half Day Tour is on a comfortable vehicle with air conditioning.

Scheduled Day: Daily.

Attraction time: 4.5 hour trip.

Starting time: 10:00

Starting point: Hotel in Eilat. 

Excursion Code: ISRL_Timna_Valley_Eilat.

Minimum 4 participants

Timna Park Route Scheme

Timna Park Half Day Tour – Itinerary.

Eilat one of the most popular resort cities of Israel. Eilat is famous by it’s location on Red Sea. In addition to numerous water attractions there are a lot of Must Visit sights. One of them definitely is Timna Park. National Park Timna located just 25 km from the coast in Arava desert.


Natural Sculptures.

Solomon’s pillars are the pride of the Timna Valley. The pillars are huge and somehow very evenly set. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists considered the Solomon pillars to be the work of some unknown ancient masters. However, in a later study it turned out that this is a creation of nature. Wind, erosion, time. The same origin and stone arches, also made by the builders, just a very long time.

Copper mines of ancient Egyptians have been preserved from the same times. In some of them, indicated by the guide, you can safely go down and feel like an ancient miner! Rock paintings in Timna also belong to the Egyptian period. In order to preserve them, specialists from the Israel Department of Antiquities and the Ben-Gurion University installed motion sensors on the ancient rock walls in order to detect in time whether this or that “picture” is preparing to crumble and disappear without a trace.

Lake Timna is also man-made! It was created specifically for the rest of tourists and filled with groundwater, pumped out of sandstone. Drinking water from it and swimming is not worth it, but on the banks you will find a range of family entertainment.

Children really like.

  • riding pedal boats on the lake.
  • Solving cunning ciphers.
  • Stamping of copper coins in the “ancient workshop”.
  • Self-made making of a souvenir – bottles with layers of colored sand and self-molded clay cork.
  • Demonstration of how copper is mined.

On holidays and weekends, the tour should be confirmed in advance.

Not far from Lake Timna, you can see the mock-up of the marching Moses Tabernacle, which, at his behest, the Jews made while wandering through the desert. The tabernacle is life-size, with items of religious worship and even a copy of the Ark of the Covenant.

The “Time Mines” show is an interactive presentation in the multimedia room for those who are interested in the mythology and history of this place. Duration is 15-20 minutes.

Tourist routes during Timna Park Half Day.

If you have not ordered a ride on camels or jeeps, then all is not lost. There are short hiking and more challenging bike trails. Timna Park is literally lined with information signs for each route.

If you prefer walking by foot, you will like, to choose from:

  • Easy routes “Big Arch” and “Paradise landscapes”. Duration is about an hour.
  • Longer walks: “Horod Gorge” (about 3 hours, but the path is easy).
  • For “professional walkers” – “Overview of the Arava” (1.5 hours, but with ascent into the mountains).

Cycling – for experienced cyclists, participation of small athletes is acceptable (from 8 years). Routes are offered:

  1. Family – 1 hour duration, medium difficulty level.
  2. Single – only for hardy and experienced riders! It will take 1.5 hours and you will drive completely independently, guided only by marking, 14 km 200 m with descents and ascents.

More information can be found on the official website.


  • Meals.
  • Drinks.
  • Insurance policy.


  • Transfers to your hotel.
  • Comfortable car.
  • Professional English-speaking guide.

Important notes:

  • The tourist should arrive at the place of departure 15 minutes before start.
  • Perhaps a slight deviation from the route of the tour.
  • For the loss of things, the tourist is solely responsible.

What to take to the tour:

  • Drinking water.
  • Headdress.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
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Timna Valley, ד.נ חבל איילות 88820, Gan HaDarom, Israel


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