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Introductory Dive in Eilat

Snorkeling Beach, Eilat, Israel
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Introductory Dive in Eilat

On this popular activity you will visit a world in which the sense of time, fear and anxiety disappears. The kingdom of dazzling and quiet beauty.

If you do not have time to complete training, but you want to see the underwater world of the Red Sea, rich in coral, you can make your first dive.

Scheduled Day: Daily.

Starting point: Snorkeling Beach.

Attraction time: 90 minutes.

Time under water: 30 minutes.

Activity Code: ISRL_Eilat_Intro_Dive_1024.

Scuba dive in Eilat
Red Sea water temperature: 20-22 Celsius.

Introductory Dive in Eilat.

Diving into the Red Sea is one of the easiest and most interesting ways to see the depths of the sea. The instructor will introduce you to the wonderful underwater world of Eilat!

During the lesson, you will gain invaluable experience of diving under water in Eilat. For your choice the best coral dive sites of Red Sea.

The dive is absolutely safe. All instructors are licensed, and equipment constantly passes those control. You do not even have to be able to swim – everything is simple and safe. Instructor will be with you all the time of the dive and will definitely not let you drown. Out in the water comes from the shore in specially designated areas, which guarantees your safety and tranquility.

Stages of the dive procedure

  1. Sign up for an Introductory Dive in Eilat.
  2. Fill out a health mini-questionnaire.
  3. Select equipment in height and size, check the quality and safety of equipment.
  4. The instructor-diver will conduct an introductory briefing in a quarter of an hour. You will be taught the rules of underwater behavior, as well as the basic signs that allow divers to communicate at depth.
  5. Then, at a level that allows the head to be on the water, you will spend some practical lessons to feel safe.

Dive sites.

Dives are held on two sites of Eilat. Consider it in more detail.

It should be noted that by clients request IsraLand Travel can conduct diving in any selected site.

The choice of the best coral dive sites of Eilat!

During Introductory Dive in Eilat you will spend 30 minutes under the water of the Red Sea. After an intro briefing, you will be scuba diving in one of Eilat’s most impressive diving sites. You will be accompanied all the time by a personal instructor, with the help of which you will get acquainted with the entire underwater world in the Red Sea. When diving six meters deep, you will be surrounded by colorful corals and exotic fish, which you could only see on the pictures.

The Caves.

The Caves Dive Site is the most famous dive site in Eilat. Divers are attracted by the abundance of fish and other sea creatures that you can meet here. The required depth in the territory attracts both professionals and makes the place accessible to beginners.

The name of the dive site appeared due to two passages, naturally formed between the corals. After which one was blocked due to its narrow passage.

The second is much wider than the first and is available for divers. It is similar to the form of an arch.

Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters Dive Site is located in the south of Eilat and is recognized as the most beautiful in shallow water. The average depth of diving is 6 meters. In addition, divers are attracted by the presence of different flows in one place.

Underwater photo and video.

For an additional fee, dive videotaping is carried out. A professional underwater photographer will capture unforgettable moments on DVD and make photo-souvenirs that can be presented to relatives and friends as a souvenir. Also, your social network profile will not be left without high-quality images with captured memories from underwater diving in the Red Sea.

For those who want to take home something memorable about this day.


Adults and children (eight years of old and older) are allowed Intro Dive. Parents signature on health declaration for children under 18. The circulatory and respiratory systems must be in good condition, a high level of physical fitness is desirable.


  1. First is a briefing instruction. You will learn the basic principles of diving, the rules for using equipment, behavior and breathing under water, the main signs for communication during diving.
  2. Selection and putting on dive equipment.
  3. Visual instruction at the depth at which the head of the tourist is above the sea surface. Directly underwater training, practical part of instruction.
  4. Out to sea, dive to a depth of six meters.
  5. Accompanying a licensed diving instructor who speaks English and Hebrew.


  • Meals.
  • Drinks.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Underwater video and photo.
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Snorkeling Beach, Eilat, Israel


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