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Free Tour of Eilat and Stone Factory

Eilat, Israel
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Free group tour of hot and sunny Eilat in comfortable buses with air conditioning. Overview of the city’s attractions. Visit famous Eilat Stone Factory, photos, souvenirs.

Pick Up – Eilat hotels.

Scheduled Day: Daily except Saturday.

Activity Time: 10:00-16:00

Activity Code: ISRL_Free_Eilat

Eilat stone from the mine of King Solomon Timna Valley
Eilat stone from the mine of King Solomon Timna Valley
Eilat Stone Factory Store Photo (Etsy)

Eilat is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea). It is the southern most city of the country and the world famous seaside resort. 88% of the population of Eilat work in the tourism industry, the city attracts thousands of tourists annually. The beaches, attractions and entertainment of Eilat – a great vacation at the highest level!

Modern city Eilat is located on the southern Israel in the Gulf of Aqaba, on the picturesque coast of the Red Sea. This is a very dry weather city whole the year. There is almost no rainfall and the sun is constantly shining. Trendy and respectable hotels, an unforgettable and varied cuisine of local restaurants, equipped with all the necessary beaches and amusement parks that will appeal not only to children but also to adults – all this is combined in this wonderful city.

Although the city is young, the history of the territory on which it is located has almost three thousand years of history.

On a free tour of Eilat, you will see an overview of the city’s attractions, the organization of routes around the city will be carried out. City panorama will give a special pleasure. During a sightseeing tour you will see the port, visit the Cadurit factory. It processes the Eilat stone. Factory visits are free.

Eilat Stone Factory Free Tour of Eilat.

The Eilat Stone Factory is a business card of Eilat founded in 1973. He combined the factory itself, where stone processing and a museum with the most striking and interesting specimens take place.

It is believed that the stones have a large number of amazing, and even mystical abilities.

Eilat Stone

Eilat unique stone is mined only in Israel, in the Timna Natural Park from the mines of King Solomon. It is a rare mineral with turquoise, greenish and blue hues, semiprecious. An unusual color effect is achieved by the rich composition of the stone, which create beautiful overflows.

Ever since, it was believed that the stone has healing and magical powers.

Healing properties

It is accepted that Eilat stone relieves various inflammations, temperature, helps with tonsillitis and nose diseases, with common colds and flu.

It restores strength, removes insomnia, fights stress and nervous tension. The stone helps with post-traumatic treatment.

Magical properties

Amulets and various charms are made of this stone. It gives peace of mind and calm, remove fears. Strengthen love.

Many tourists travel to Eilat to purchase products from this stone.

In the Factory Store, after the tour, you can buy your favorite jewelry in memory of this beautiful city.


Women's bracelet made of lapis lazuli with turquoise
Women's bracelet made of lapis lazuli with turquoise.
Eilat Stone Factory Store Photo. (Etsy)

Additional tours and attractions

Arriving to Israel you will get acquainted with the country, learn more about its cultural heritage. Feel the local flavor, try the traditional cuisine. You can combine a traditional trip with a rich tourist program, in which to visit other cities, such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem, to go to Tel Aviv. And if you want to plunge into four seas.

The IsraLand Travel team will be happy to help you with the choice of an additional program to the main part of your vacation, and will organize it according to your wishes.

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Eilat, Israel


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